Relationship Counselling

Many relationships have their ups and downs, and these can be between husband and wife, couples living together, and also parents/children, between brothers and sisters, and indeed brothers/brothers and sisters/sisters.

You may also be experiencing difficulties in other types of relationship, such as at work with work colleagues, and one-to-one counselling can also help you to understand why this might be and to help you find the way to deal with and improve on these.

Relationship counselling is often seen as talking about people in relationships, but for some having any meaningful relationship can be a challenge, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation, and you may recognise yourself as being in this situation.

Whatever the cause of the relationship problems you are facing right now, whether a specific issue, or more general relationship issues, one-to-one counselling can help you explore and understand the problems you are facing and help you to find solutions to improve your relationships in future.

There are often underlying causes such as anxiety, depression or low self-esteem which can start to have an adverse impact on important relationships in your life.

There are also some very specific relationship issues which can be addressed in counselling, and some of these are:

  • Arguments and fighting in relationships
  • Communication issues – you may feel like you are not being heard
  • Affairs /being unfaithful in a relationship
  • Money and work issues
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Jealousy
  • Grief/bereavement issues
  • Growing apart
  • Isolation and loneliness

Kaizen offers one-to-one relationship counselling to any individual, irrespective of sexual, religious or cultural orientations, whether in a new or long-term relationship, or not in any relationship, and also for individuals experiencing difficulties in family relationships.

One-to-one counselling offers you a safe and confidential space to explore these issues, to start to understand them and find the right way for you to deal with these, both now and in future relationships.

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