There are many reasons which may have brought you to counselling. It may be specific issues around bereavement or relationship problems, it may be that you are finding it difficult to understand and contain difficult emotions, or it may be that any one of the obstacles life sometimes throws at us is leaving you feel confused, overwhelmed and stuck.

Counselling aims to offer you a safe space to explore your issues, whether issues from the past, or the present, but which are stopping you living the life you want to lead.

My counselling practice combines  person-centred and humanistic approaches but  the core of this is built around offering a safe and secure relationship, and one in which you will feel able to share challenging thoughts, emotions and feelings, which will be received with respect, understanding and acceptance.

Who do you work with?

I work with a wide range of adult clients aged from 18 to 80, from many backgrounds. None of us are immune from challenges which may affect us at any point in our life, some of which sometimes require some support to help you to move forward.

I do not work with children or young people, so anyone under the age of 18, but can point you in the direction of colleagues who do work specifically with this age range of clients.

I do have a specific interest in clients from a business background, so business owners/business employees. Our working hours take up so much of our lives that when challenges start to get in the way, it can have a damaging impact, for a business owner trying to run their business, or for an employee just trying to earn a living.

Whilst I have talked a little about how counselling may be of help with some specific issues such as fighting depression, overcoming anxiety, working on self-esteem issues, coping with grief and bereavementand relationship issues I try not to categorise or pigeonhole you.

You are looking for reassurance and someone who wants to try to understand you, not judge you, who is willing to listen, and not offer off-the-shelf solutions, and recognises that you are a unique individual who may be going through a difficult time in your life but one who I always believe can find the strength within you to come through the challenges life sometimes throws at us all.

You may be asking if counselling is for you? and does Counselling and Psychotherapy work for everyone?

Right now you might feel as though you are lost in the middle of a large and very dark forest with no obvious way out. I understand this may, right now, feel like a really scary and lonely place to be, but approaching this through counselling can be the start to finding the right path for you to get to where you feel safer and more able to continue with your life free of the challenges you are currently feeling and facing.

More than anything else,  I do not see a particular problem or issue in front of me, I always see an individual,  a person who is brave enough to have decided to face up to the difficulties in your life right now, and someone willing to take those first steps on the path away from these.

Get in touch

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