Kaizen Counselling offers one-to-one counselling to support you through those difficult times in your life.

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Ed Hewitt-Symonds MBACP

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Wrexham and NE Wales

I understand the difficulties and anxieties you may have in admitting that you can’t work through challenges and issues on your own, issues which may be starting to affect your personal life, relationships, work or more specific issues such as bereavement, relationship issues such as separation or divorce, or work related issues such as stress, redundancy or retirement.

You may be hoping that whatever the challenges facing you, that these just sort themselves out on their own, while continuing to live a life of quiet desperation.

You may find asking for help is something you have never done before, and in this you are not alone, and taking that first courageous step to reach out and ask for help may be your first step on a journey to working through these challenges and towards the life you want and hope for.

Counselling with Kaizen

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What is Counselling?

Whether focussed on a single issue or a wider range of issues, counselling offers a safe and secure space for you to be heard with respect, understanding and acceptance. Counselling can be the first step towards finding the right path for you, to get to a place which feels safer and enables you to live the life you want. To find out more about counselling and for specific issues please go to my counselling page.


I believe counselling can make a difference for everyone but always want to make sure it is the right option for you. I encourage prospective clients to call me for an initial chat, usually 20 to 30 minutes, for which there is no charge. To find out more about my fees, options for block bookings and how to pay, see my Fees page.

What happens in the first counselling session?

Creating a safe and secure space is the start of a successful counselling relationship. My aim is to make you feel as comfortable as you can be as you may be feeling nervous. I will explain a little about how I work, and give you the chance to ask any questions and start to tell me about what has brought you to counselling. But for answers to more of your questions go to my FAQs page.

What does Kaizen mean?

Kaizen is as much a name as an approach for me, and one I offer to you as a way to start on your journey. Taken from a Japanese business idea, I have adapted it to my counselling practice and is an approach which encourages clients to start to make small positive and regular changes in their lives, as a way to address the challenges and difficult times you may be facing right now.

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